Technology for Learning
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Demographics - Who's here?

Survey -

Making a Map from Google Spreadsheets
Collecting and Sharing

How are you collecting resources, taking notes, etc. today? Demos of Evernote? Google Drive? Diigo? Let's Discuss

Blog post on taking notes at conferences

Task: Prep your note taking
Cloud Conversations

Cloud Use Survey -

Google Drive Cloud Use & Sharing

Implications? Table discussion
QR Codes

Create a Code

Use an app to scan codes (Google Now for iOS, Google Goggles or Google Now for Droid, Optical Reader for Samsung, etc.)

Ways to use QR Codes in the Classroom (pdf)

Here's the QR Code for this page
Task: Visualize a Classroom in 10 Years

What do you think a mobile, digital classroom will look like in 10 years?

Explore a visualization tool

Prepare a short demonstration, visual, presentation








Task: Make a Brainstorm/ Mindmap / Infographic

"Benefits/challenges of mobile technologies in the classsroom"

Laptop: Try,, or (have a better one? please share with group)

Ipad: Popplet (have a better one? please share with group)



Other Emerging Technologies in Education Discussion
Interesting article here

New Horizon Report on Emerging Technologies in Education

Afternoon Mini Sessions

After lunch, I always find it fun to ask attendees to share their knowledge. If you're willing, please plan to do any of the following. You'll have 5 minutes max.

Show a website you love, that you think most people here haven't heard of

Share a web 2.0 tool you use in your classroom - any Edmodo users? PhotoPeach? MapTales?

Want to do an app smackdown? Your top 10 apps in 5 minutes or less?

What's This?

So, you didn't want to stick with the main presentation, eh? That's fine. We're all adults. Sometimes we wander.

But, if you're going to wander, you have to accept this challenge: Explore, learn at least enough about these tools to share a 5 minute explanation toward the end of the day.

Limit yourself to one tool an hour throughout today while you weave in and out of our main session.

Okay? Proceed...

Google Keep

Mozilla Popcorn Maker






Little Bird Tales
Also, check this out:
Digital Textbooks

Virginia's Pilot -

Other Resources -