Technology Integration Day

If you'd like to 'backchannel,' please set one up for the day, and let us know the name.



Google Drive

Data Collection


  • Use Google Drive to create a shared document - share it with your peers who aren't here, or just create one for you and your colleagues to keep notes throughout the day!
  • Task: Take a moment to decide on how to keep and collaborate on notes today
    • Jointly edit a document with a colleague who's here with you?
    • Make the document fully public (it becomes a live webpage) and just send the public link to colleagues who aren't here?
  • Short video demonstrating live Google Doc collaboration

Emerging Tech Talk

Productivity (Curation/Social Bookmarking)

WebQuests 2.0

Student Creation and Publishing

QR Codes

Brainstorm/ Mindmap / Infographic

  •,, or (have a better one? please share with group)

General BYOD Resources

More Google Apps in Education Resources

Other Fun Tools:

If you're one who likes to skip ahead, check these cool tools below. Please be willing to spend time learning enough about one or two of them to share when we return from lunch or toward the end of the day.

Twitter for Teachers

Digital Textbooks