Technology Integration Day - Elementary



Fun Video Break - Google's Collaborative Features

Google Drive


  • Use Google Drive to create a shared document - share it with your peers who aren't here, or just create one for you and your colleagues to keep notes throughout the day!
  • Task: Take a moment to decide on how to keep and collaborate on notes today
    • Jointly edit a document with a colleague who's here with you?
    • Make the document fully public (it becomes a live webpage) and just send the public link to colleagues who aren't here?
  • Short video demonstrating live Google Doc collaboration

Data Collection

Emerging Tech Talk


  • Animoto (pay very close attention to which options you're choosing - school/educator/free etc.)
    • Apply for the free educator license here (it gives you 6 months of the education version - allowing you to create 30 usernames for your students, so they don't have to register for their own accounts)
  • Storybird (same with this one - be sure to sign up for the Educator account)

Do Comics have a place in the classroom? (mental break time)

Productivity (Curation/Social Bookmarking)

WebQuests 2.0

General Resources

  • Poll Everywhere (also quick quizzes, respond on the fly - the Poll Everywhere app is more visual, less specific to classrooms)
  • - narrated power points on the web (nice example here)
    • (be sure to sign up for the education version)
  • Edmodo or Schoology (sort of a safe Twitter/LMS for the classroom)

More Google Apps in Education Resources

Other Fun Tools:

Twitter for Teachers

Digital Textbooks