Jing (Mac or PC) (saves movie files as Flash (swf) and screenshot files as png)
CamStudio - Open Source (PC only - saves movie files as AVI or Flash (swf))
TipCam (PC only - saves movies as FLV)
ScreenToaster (web-based (java), pc or mac)
Screencast-o-Matic (web-based (java), pc or mac)

Camtasia Studio (Movies, PC only)
SnagIt (Screen Captures, PC only)
ScreenFlow (Movies, Mac only)
iShowU (Movies, Mac only)
SnapzPro (Movies, Mac only)


  • Use a good microphone
  • Consider using a script if you think you need it
  • Practice with as many 'takes' as needed
  • Get someone else to follow your screencast and give feedback
  • Focus on one short topic per movie - it's better to do five 2-minute screencasts as opposed to one 10-minute one
  • Quit any programs you don't need - creating/recording screencasts will push the limits of your computer
  • Don't forget to pay attention to the area in which you're recording - many screencasts only need to show a portion of the screen, so keep your mouse inside there if that's your approach!